By The Westminster Kids Team
10.13.2022 | Min Read

Evie is an 9-year old girl who likes painting, gardening, and building things.

Her favorite books at the Westminster Kids Bookstore are:

1 . Little Pilgrim's Progress (Illustrated Edition)

Little Pilgrim's Progress

Faithfully adapted from John Bunyan's allegory of the Christian life, this book preserves the original plotlines of Bunyan's classic while telling the story of Little Christian and Christiana in a way that kids can understand. 

Evie says: “I like stories about animals that can talk--I think it makes the book more interesting. This book is exciting and interesting. It teaches that if you believe in the King, then you'll get to Celestial City.” (Click to View Product)

2. Tori Comes Out of Her Shell

Tori Comes Out of Her Shell

Tori the turtle has just moved and she feels all alone, so her teacher helps her remember Jesus is always her friend. Along the way she also makes some new friends. Bringing biblical help and hope, this book helps children turn to Jesus when they are lonely and offers prompts for parent-child discussions.

Evie says: “Tori feels shy. She doesn't want to come out of her shell. This book teaches that Jesus is with us always. It's a bit sad but there are little parts that are funny.” (Click to View Product)

3. Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat

Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat

Sophie, a little girl upset after disobeying her parents, learns the basics of the gospel of grace from a neighborhood cat. Weaving accessible truths with whimsical illustrations and engaging rhymes, this book will help readers understand grace in a fresh way.

Evie says: “Everybody sins, so everybody needs grace--and Jesus gives us grace. I like the talking cat and how they had a walk on the roof. (The cat's name is Grace!)” (Click to View Product)

4. The Last Battle (in The Chronicles of Narnia)

The Chronicles of Narnia

During the last days of Narnia, the land faces its fiercest challenge. Lies and treachery have taken root, and only the king and a small band of loyal followers can prevent the destruction of all they hold dear. The Last Battle is the seventh and final book in C. S. Lewis's classic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Narnia.

Evie says: “This book is kind of like how the Bible describes what happens in Revelation. It's a little bit sad, but in the end it's happy. I really like the ending and how the kids find it's impossible to be scared in the New Narnia.” (Click to View Product)

5. Henry and the Chalk Dragon

Henry and the Chalk Dragon

In the town of Squashbuckle, just about anything can happen, and when Henry Penwhistle draws a mighty Chalk Dragon on his door, the dragon does what Henry least expects—it runs away. To vanquish the threat of a rampaging Chalk Dragon, Sir Henry Penwhistle, Knight of La Muncha Elementary School, is going to have to let his imagination run wild. And that takes bravery.

Evie says: “ Henry is really creative and he likes drawing pictures on his bedroom door. I like how Henry's drawing escapes from his imagination. This book is very funny. ” (Click to View Product)