By Remley Gorsuch
10.17.2022 | Min Read

When both parents attend church with their children… 33% attend church regularly as adults.

When only mom attends church with their children…3% attend church regularly as adults.1

In an era when it's normal for kids to grow up to leave the church, a father's positive role in a child's walk with Christ can hardly be overstated. As earthly fathers, we are not fundamentally responsible for our child's salvation, but at the same time, studies like the one cited adove demonstrate Jon Nielson's conclusion in Bible Reading With Your Kids: A Simple Guide for Every Father, that “The spiritual engagement of fathers is statistically the most influential factor in determining whether kids grow up to identify as Christian.”

8 Simple Tips for Effective Bible Reading

Kids are fidgety, restless, distracted; and no father is perfect. How do we actually engage our kids with Scripture? If you’re looking to read the Bible with your kids, here are a few tips from Bible Reading With Your Kids: A Simple Guide for Every Father.

1. Pick a regular time and place.

2. Read short chunks at a time.

3. Pick a literal translation.

4. Stop often to explain.

5. Ask follow up questions.

6. Connect each passage to Jesus.

7. Let the reading turn to prayer.

8. Be willing to do it badly.

A Great Place to Start

The promise of the gospel is to us and to our children. This promise should not cause us to rest on our laurels, but motivate us to teach our children to know and embrace God’s Word. If you need help engaging your child in the faith, or know a father who does, Bible Reading With Your Kids: A Simple Guide for Every Father is a great place to start.


1 Based on a 1994 study conducted in Switzerland