By The Westminster Kids Team
03.03.2023 | Min Read

Easter is coming soon and there are a lot of books out there to help show kids the gospel message behind the holiday. Here are some of our favorites:

1 . The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross

This beautiful hardback Bible storybook for 3-6 year olds takes children on a journey from the garden of Eden to God’s perfect new creation. It is a gospel presentation that focuses on the significance of the temple curtain. God said “because of your sin you can’t come in”, but the moment the curtain tore in two, everything changed... (Click to View Product)

2. Darkest Night Brightest Day: A Family Devotional for the Easter Season

Weaves the four Gospel accounts together into one harmonized story and provides questions for family discussion. Children are sure to remember the contrast between the darkness at the death of our Lord and the light-filled events from Christ’s resurrection onward.

· This beautiful hardback book, illustrated by Phil Schorr, is sure to become a treasured family favorite to be used every Easter.

· Designed for families to read one story each day for two weeks, beginning Palm Sunday.

· Targeted to families with preschool and grade school children but can used in family devotionals with teens as well.

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3. Who Is Jesus?: 40 Pictures to Share with Your Family

In Who is Jesus?, Joe and Kate Hox combine illustrations and deep thoughts simply shared to bring forty word pictures of Jesus to life. The pictures tell stories about arks, rams caught in a thicket, snakes, sticks, rocks, shepherds, sheep, water, bread, and so much more. 

Each picture of Jesus includes a captivating illustration, a key verse to remember, Bible passages to discuss, a family devotion to read, reflection questions, and a song. Families will explore together the rich imagery of the Bible and learn about God's great love for his people through Jesus Christ his Son.

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4. Love Gave: A Story of God's Greatest Gift

Lovingly written and exquisitely illustrated, Love Gave introduces little ones to love's greatest gift, Jesus, and explains in kid-friendly terms how they can become forever friends with Him.

This imaginative poem will help your child take small steps toward understanding key Christian concepts, such as sin, salvation, and sacrificial love and will become a story time favorite for your whole family.

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5. Henry and the Chalk Dragon

Children ages three to seven, this beautifully illustrated book begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter, when Jesus rose for us. Children will learn that Jesus is our king, and that everyone who trusts in him is part of his forever family. Help your kids understand that Jesus died for us and rose from the dead. Because of the compelling content and modern, vivid illustrations, children will live in the joy of the greatest truth of all: Jesus is alive! This conversational book simply tells the story of the gospel and invites children to respond.

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