Spiritual Formation through Advent in our Churches and Homes

Episode 13 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast

By The Westminster Kids Team | 11.17.2023

Advent Resources for Every Age

Here are some of our favorite Advent devotionals for every age range and for the whole family.

By Faith Chang | 11.17.2023

Helping Kids Overcome Life's Fears

Whether our fear is real or imagined, in his Word God gives us all that we need to fight our fears.

By Marty Machowski | 11.02.2023

A conversation with Carl Laferton about Writing Children's Books

What makes a good (or cringey) kids' book, a new storybook Bible, and advice for aspiring children's authors.


The Green Ember: A Story for Souls

Here are three reasons why the series has been so powerful for us, and why it might be for you, too.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 10.26.2023

Ana's Top 6 Books for 4-year olds

"This book is a song. I like the backgrounds."


Win a 9-book Children's Book Bundle! (Sponsored)

We're excited to partner with P&R Publishing to offer one 9-book bundle of new and noteworthy kids' books— 2 fantastic series!


The Impact of Scripture Memory on Children

Children can recite pages of picture books, jingles, and song lyrics through simple exposure– how much more profitable it is to memorize the living Word of God?

By Sally Michael | 09.28.2023

Win a 10-Book Children's Book Bundle! (Sponsored)

We're excited to partner with New Growth Press to offer one 10-book bundle of new kids' books


Win a 4-volume Banner Board Books set! (Sponsored)

We're excited to partner with Banner of Truth to offer 10 winners the 4-volume set of their Banner Board Books -- valued at $40!


Five Tips for Explaining Theological Truths to Kids

Kids can usually handle more theology–and need us to explain things more simply–than we think.

By Carl Laferton | 10.05.2023

Win a 10-Book Children's Book Bundle! (Sponsored)

We're excited to partner with Crossway to offer one 10-book bundle of new and noteworthy kids' books -- valued at over $165!


Helping Families, Kids, and Teens Study the Bible

Episode 12 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast


Tips and Resources for Teaching Children, Tweens, and Teens How to Pray

Prayer is one of the greatest privileges we have as Christians. So how do we help young people who don’t know what or how to pray?

By Faith Chang | 09.21.2023

A Conversation with Melissa Kruger about Writing Children's Books

A behind-the-scenes look at the writing of two staff favorite children's books


Allegories That Edify: Sproul, Lewis, and More

Episode 11 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast


Review: North! Or Be Eaten

North! Or Be Eaten is an excellent follow-up to the first book, packed full of adventure, character development, and biblical allusions for those with eyes to see.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 08.24.2023

Empty Nesting: Caring for the Recent Graduates in Our Midst

Episode 10 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast


Sam's Top 4 Books for 1-Year-Olds

Board books tested and approved by a one-year-old reviewer


A New Graphic Novel Adaptation of The Golden Key

The Golden Key will enchant imaginations as much as it will cast a spell on the soul, for children and parents alike.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 08.04.2023

5 Books to Help Kids Understand the Gospel as Good News for Them, Right Now

The heart behind these books is that repentance might become a reflex in the lives of the children who read them, that dependence on the Spirit, rather than white-knuckling obedience, would be as natural to these young readers as breathing.

By Abbey Wedgeworth | 08.03.2023

The Lost Tales of Sir Galahad

Biblical and literary allusions crop up throughout the volume, which makes each chapter a sort of treasure hunt, in addition to an engaging read.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 07.27.2023

Discipling the Next Generation in Tech Use

As Christian parents and educators, we need to engage our young people about TikTok, smartphones, computer games, and the internet. How do we even begin to talk about the many issues surrounding technology?

By Faith Chang | 07.21.2023

Our Summer Reads (Podcast Ep. 9)

Episode 9 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast


Win a 5-book bundle of picture books for kids! (Sponsored by P&R Publishing)

We're excited to partner with P&R Publishing to offer five (5!) 5-book bundles of picture books for kids.


The Hobbit: Leaving Home and Going Home

As much bravery as it takes to leave home, maybe it takes even more to go home, to return permanently to the presence of the God who bore you on his breath.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 07.13.2023

Technology in our Families and Churches: How to Model and Cultivate Discernment (Podcast Ep. 8)

Episode 8 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast


Win Our Bundle of Books for Helping Nurture Love for the Church

We're excited to offer the bundle of books from our latest post on books that help children and teens grow in love for God's Church!


Review of The Light Princess by George MacDonald

This edition from the Rabbit Room Press is a work of art.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 06.22.2023

Tamasin's Top 7 Books for 10-year-olds

"Helps you understand when you fail because you're going to fail a lot. I also really like running so a story about the bunny running was good."


Nurturing a Love for God's Church (Podcast Ep. 7)

Episode 7 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast


Helping Children and Teens Grow in Love for God's Church

From toddler to teen, here are some books that can help you and the young people in your life grow in loving God’s church.

By Faith Chang | 05.25.2023

Six Ways To Help Your Child Cultivate Thankfulness

This principle of connecting God to all of life is the source of the gratitude we all need to cultivate. And it is vital that every generation—including the next generation—come to see the connection between the Creator and his creation.

By Champ Thornton | 05.18.2023

Two Ways to Encourage the Moms in Your Life

Ten things to pray and one free download of encouraging selections from some of our favorite books.

By Remley Gorsuch | 05.04.2023

All Things Bright and Beautiful

These are the books that plant seeds that will germinate later in life. And they set up the choice for our kids that they’ll need to make someday: Is God present as Creator and sustainer, or is he not?

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 05.12.2023

Printistry: How Books Can Help Us Minister to Others (Podcast Ep. 6)

Episode 6 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast


12 Old(ish) Books to Read When You Are Young

In his new book, Do Not Be True To Yourself, Kevin DeYoung recommends 12 classics for young people to read.

By Kevin Deyoung | 04.28.2023

Reading Classics with Your Kids

What are classics and why should we be reading them to our kids? How will they benefit? Here are some things to consider.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 04.27.2023

We Need Liturgies for Daily Life

For anyone who craves daily reminders of the weight of glory

By Remley Gorsuch | 04.21.2023

Don't Panic: When Kids and Teens Have Big Doubts and Questions (Podcast Ep. 5)

Episode 5 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast


Walking with Children and Teens Through Doubts About Christianity

As adults, we are called to disciple the next generation in our homes and churches. So what do we do when they ask us big questions? How do we respond when they question their faith?

By Faith Chang | 04.14.2023

Helping Teens See Themselves Through Jesus’s Eyes

Because you can’t see or hear Jesus with your physical eyes and ears, walking with him takes a different kind of seeing and hearing.

By Drew Hill | 03.28.2023

All About Read-Alouds (Podcast Ep. 4)

Episode 4 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast


5 Reasons to Teach Kids Biblical Theology

Biblical Theology can be a pretty scary term. It sounds a bit like another field of study reserved for the guys in the pulpit or the ones teaching at our seminary halls, but it’s much more than that.

By Remley Gorsuch | 03.10.2023

Echo Island

This mystery book for teens hits on important themes for the Christian life.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 10.17.2022

How Biblical Theology Prepares Kids for the "Tough Stuff" of Life (Podcast Ep. 3)

Episode 3 of the Westminster Kids Digest Podcast


A Family Favorite Picture-Book on Jesus' Care and Identity

If the best Christian children’s books distill rich theological truths in delightfully simple ways, The Storm that Stopped does this masterfully.

By Faith Chang | 10.14.2022

Talking to Your Children About Race

We must be intentional about giving our children gospel-rooted framework on race.

By Jerome Gay Jr. | 11.12.2022

Helping Children with Anxiety

While children deal with their own fears and worries, they’re also watching you, taking cues on how they should respond.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 10.13.2022

A Change of Heart And Favorite Biographies of Women of the Faith (Podcast Ep. 2)

Moralism vs. obedience, parenting for heart change, and favorite biographies of women of the faith

Ensuring Our Bible Stories Are Actually Christian

If I do not connect the dots of the Bible stories that I share with kids, to the gospel of Christ, can I really call my lesson “Christian”?

By Timothy Brindle | 03.17.2023

Westminster Kids' Week of Giveaways

We're celebrating our social media launch by giving away books!

Parenting with Words of Grace

Parents need to understand the way God relates with us if we are to show the same grace to our children.

By Faith Chang | 03.03.2023

Westminster Kids Digest (March 4)

A biweekly look at links that are worth the click


Lord of the Rings and Theological Things (Podcast Ep. 1)

Our inaugural Westminster Digest podcast episode!


5 Great Books to Prepare for Easter

Easter is coming soon and there are a lot of books out there to help show kids the gospel message behind the holiday. Here are some of our favorites.

Westminster Kids Digest (February 18)

A biweekly look at links that are worth the click


The Lord of the Rings: Why It’s a Classic

Tolkien has created another world, not merely a story. And that leaves plenty of room for you and your kids to delve deeper into Middle Earth.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 02.09.2023

Five Books to Help You Give Your Children God’s Word

Dear parent, God has given you his word, and wherever God's word is, there Jesus is!

By Todd R. Hains | 12.02.2022

Teaching Moralism vs. Teaching Obedience

As parents, we need to be vigilant about what the books we read our kids assume about human nature, about redemption, about godliness.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 10.17.2022

The Forgotten King: A Faithful and Creative Portrayal of Spiritual Realities

Eloquent, accessible, beautifully illustrated, and—most importantly—engaging for kids.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 01.19.2023

The Story of God with Us: A Biblical Theology of Presence

We have now and will have in the glorious future what we’ve always longed for: a dwelling place with God.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 03.03.2023

Evie's Top 5 Books for 9-Year-Olds

"This book is kind of like how the Bible describes what happens in Revelation. It's a little bit sad, but in the end it's happy."


Catechesis: Learning by Heart

The goal of catechesis is not merely intellectual, but experiential.

By Harold L. Senkbeil | 12.02.2022

A Work of Beauty and Brilliance: A Review of On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

I haven’t enjoyed a fiction series this much with my kids since we read Chronicles of Narnia.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 12.01.2022

Westminster Kids Digest

A Biweekly Look at Links That are Worth the Click


Don’t Be a Dragon: A Hobbit Reflection

God gives all his gold away, and gets richer with every offering. Down with the dragons. Long live the King.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 10.17.2022

Tracing Glory

I enjoy the traditions and rhythms that make the sometimes abstract truths of Scripture more real in my own heart and the hearts of my children

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.16.2022

Five Simple Ways to Teach Anyone About Jesus

"I try to adapt Bible study materials so that people affected by disability can go beyond where they ever have before in studying the Bible."

By Jill Miller | 11.12.2022

Fathers, Read the Bible With Your Kids

A father's positive role in a child's walk with Christ can hardly be overstated

By Remley Gorsuch | 10.17.2022

Meet Kids Where They Are

“Christ wants a child’s heart, but a grown-up’s head”

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 07.26.2022

Hope’s Top 5 Books For 11-Year-Olds

"This story teaches that God works in ways that we don't know yet."


7 Principles for Raising Kids in a Hyper-Sexualized World

Seven principles that will help you lead your children through the wilderness of 21st Century sexuality

By Remley Gorsuch | 10.13.2022

Why Reading Aloud with Your Kids Is Important

Reading aloud to our kids invites us to participate in something basic to all stages of human life: joy

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 09.16.2022

Why Westminster Kids?

“Tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lᴏʀᴅ.” - Psalm 78:4

By Josiah Pettit | 09.16.2022

A Prayer for Young Children to Delight in Books and Learning

May I never make the work an empty labor, lacking wonder at the gift of words

By Kathleen Nielson | 09.16.2022

A Search Built With You in Mind

Westminster Kids has search capabilities for the kinds of things you're looking for.

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.16.2022

Proclaiming His Salvation to Our Children

Jesus is in the business of saving people from every tribe, language, and nation, which includes families!

By Timothy Brindle | 09.20.2022

Top 20 Quotes from Safeguards

“Keeping our children safe means we teach them God's ways–how he created us to live.”

By Faith Chang | 10.06.2022

Why Kids (and Grownups) Need Stories

The excitement and hope of stories are deeply related to our identity and purpose as Christians.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 08.16.2022


What a blessing to be able to pass on to the next generation not just a few dollars, a few cookies, and toys—but Christ, our only sure and certain hope.

By Rhonda Currie | 09.16.2022

Is Your Catechism "Fat"?

Maybe “catechism” sounds like a scary word. But it shouldn’t!

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.16.2022

Josiah's Top 5 Books for 5-Year-Olds

"This book is about Jesus. He stops the giant storm with just his voice. He is God."


Why Children Should Read Fiction

In times when hearts may grow weary of doing good or when the mirror that we look through is dirtied and dim, fiction can re-enchant our hearts, minds, and souls.

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.06.2022

The Story Behind The Child’s Story Bible

Appeals to the interest and imagination of children without sacrificing fidelity to the text of Scripture

By Josiah Pettit | 09.19.2022

Rowan’s Top 5 Books for 8-Year-Olds

"I like it. It was my first favorite book."


5 Reasons We Love Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.19.2022

30 Prophecies, One Story

Warning: this is not your typical kid's book

By Josiah Pettit | 09.16.2022

Cultivating a Love for Reading

Cultivating a love of reading in kids isn’t just about books.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 09.16.2022

When Santa Learned the Gospel

Christ doesn’t want to delete the world; he wants to redeem it.

By Pierce Taylor Hibbs | 09.16.2022

The Serpent Slayer and the Scroll of Riddles

“It’s really great!”

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.16.2022

The Biggest Story Bible Storybook

"Praise God that he remembers his covenant, even when we forget."

By Josiah Pettit | 06.14.2022

God Made Me and You

This powerful little book reads like Dr. Seuss but with a much more important message.

By Kyle Whitgrove | 09.06.2022