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7 Books That Teach Children God's Design for Marriage

"The world's view of marriage can often be very different to what the Bible says. But who is right, and who should we listen to?"

By Remley Gorsuch | 06.06.2024

Our Top Picks for Books on Gender

"The challenge is not whether kids and teens should ask the questions, it’s where they find the answers."

By Remley Gorsuch | 05.30.2024

When Fractured Relationships Make Mother’s Day Hard: Hope for the Adult Child

For the mother whose relationship with her own mom makes Mother’s Day hard, here are a few things I’ve learned.

By Remley Gorsuch | 05.10.2024
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Our Favorite Middle Grade Readers

If you're looking for well-written fiction with redemptive themes for your middle grader, here's a list of some of our bookstore favorites.

By Remley Gorsuch | 01.19.2024

Two Ways to Encourage the Moms in Your Life

Ten things to pray and one free download of encouraging selections from some of our favorite books.

By Remley Gorsuch | 05.04.2023

We Need Liturgies for Daily Life

For anyone who craves daily reminders of the weight of glory

By Remley Gorsuch | 04.21.2023

5 Reasons to Teach Kids Biblical Theology

Biblical Theology can be a pretty scary term. It sounds a bit like another field of study reserved for the guys in the pulpit or the ones teaching at our seminary halls, but it’s much more than that.

By Remley Gorsuch | 03.10.2023

Tracing Glory

I enjoy the traditions and rhythms that make the sometimes abstract truths of Scripture more real in my own heart and the hearts of my children

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.16.2022

Fathers, Read the Bible With Your Kids

A father's positive role in a child's walk with Christ can hardly be overstated

By Remley Gorsuch | 10.17.2022

7 Principles for Raising Kids in a Hyper-Sexualized World

Seven principles that will help you lead your children through the wilderness of 21st Century sexuality

By Remley Gorsuch | 10.13.2022

A Search Built With You in Mind

Westminster Kids has search capabilities for the kinds of things you're looking for.

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.16.2022

Is Your Catechism "Fat"?

Maybe “catechism” sounds like a scary word. But it shouldn’t!

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.16.2022

Why Children Should Read Fiction

In times when hearts may grow weary of doing good or when the mirror that we look through is dirtied and dim, fiction can re-enchant our hearts, minds, and souls.

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.06.2022

5 Reasons We Love Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.19.2022

The Serpent Slayer and the Scroll of Riddles

“It’s really great!”

By Remley Gorsuch | 09.16.2022